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The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving is a unique grooming concept specialized for men who are looking for a close and comfortable shave. Considered the world's leading experts in shaving, The Art of shaving manufactures a complete line of products and accessories that guarantees optimal shaving results and caters to individual skin types and needs, addressing and preventing such problems as razor burn, ingrown hair, tough beard, and sensitive skin.

The Art of Shaving products are Aromatherapy-based and specifically blended for a variety of skin types. They are formulated with natural ingredients and lightly scented essential oils individually selected for their skin therapeutic properties. All of our products, which are free of dyes, alcohol and synthetic fragrances, are ideal to achieve the perfect shave and to maintain, treat and nourish the skin.

The Art of Shaving handmade accessories are designed and manufactured with the finest materials available to ensure the utmost in comfort, luxury and quality shaving performance. From our razor handles individually crafted for balance and ease, to our high quality badger shaving brushes, The Art of shaving provides all the necessary grooming accessories for the modern man.

- Pre-Shave Oils
- Shave Creams
- Shave Soaps
- After Shave Balms/Gels
- More...

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