National Park Service seeks millions in repairs for parks in SC

National Park Service seeks millions in repairs for parks in SC

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Congaree National Park, which is located just off Bluff Road in Hopkins, will be hosting several events this week to celebrate National Park Week. National Parks across the nation will be waiving entrance fees for the week, although Congaree National Park never charges entrance fees.

On Saturday, people from all over the state chose to spend their Easter weekend with mother nature at the park.

"It's nice that they have this land preserved," Anderson resident Daniel Walker said.

The park brings visitors for different reasons. For some it's to listen to the sounds of the Earth and reconnect with nature, while for others it's simply for just a walk in the park.

"I came out here just to get some fresh air," said Blythewood resident Julie Lister.

In the midst of National Park Week, a national group called Restore America's Parks is calling on Congress to spend $12 billion for repairs for 400 parks across the country. This includes the Congaree National Park which is estimated to need an additional $4 million for deferred maintenance.

Scott Teodorski with the Congaree National Park, said they're committed to protecting the park despite the need for more funding.

"We operate with a federal budget every year and people always ask are you paying attention to the news? We are all very aware of it but it's important for us to remain committed to what we are doing and serving the visitor and protecting this beautiful place but we really don't know until we know what the budget is going to be," Tedorski said. "We always plan and have contingencies and no matter what happens we will be prepared to try and do the best we can with whatever budget we are given."

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