92-year-old moves back home after 2015 flood, thanks to volunteer help

92-year-old moves back home after 2015 flood, thanks to volunteer help
(Source: WISTV)
(Source: WISTV)

CLARENDON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A Summerton woman will be enjoying a pretty awesome gift with her family this Easter weekend.

More than a year after the 2015 flood forced her to leave her home she finally was able to move back into the house.

That was the case for 92-year-old Elle Allen. Her house on K.W. Hodge Road was overtaken by the high waters when the flood hit in October of 2015. Since then Allen has had to live with family members, but in the end, dozens of volunteers stepped up to make a difference for her.

"This one was actually one of the larger projects that we had. The home didn't just have repairs, the home was actually underwater," said Joseph
Davies, who is the long-term flood recovery group coordinator for Sumter, Lee, and Clarendon counties.

Davies added that the project easily took more than 100 volunteer hours. The frame of the house was saved but workers had to rebuild the rest of the property. He also said the project suffered some delays during Hurricane Matthew.

In recent weeks Allen and her family were finally able to move back home.

"I was shocked when I see the work they had done and repaired this house," Mary Allen, Elle's daughter who lives with her said. " I thank everybody, especially Joe cause he poured out his heart to get her {Elle} back in this house."

Currently volunteers in Sumter, Lee, and Clarendon counties still have about 100 cases pending to help home owners with work recovering from the 2015 flood.

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