Debate continues over proposed SC gun bill

Debate continues over proposed SC gun bill

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Opinions continue to be divided across South Carolina on whether to do some major changes to the state's gun laws.

A bill just approved by the state house of representatives last week seeks to do away with permit requirements for gun ownership.

If passed, into law it would allow owners to carry concealed and openly without a state permit. Gun buyers would still have to undergo a background check while making a purchase.

Some residents see the move as a way to lift restrictions on their second amendment rights. Others, however, say they have concerns with the bill, including several Five Points businesses.

"I think there's more common ground than there are differences on this. We want to be safe," bill supporter Bob Hoban said. "We want to be happy and this is proven state by state by state to be a good way to do it."

Some who oppose the bill are leaders in law enforcement. That includes Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

"Ya know, that's what you have to stop, the mentality of somebody wanting to bring a gun down here cause they feel they need it," Marty Dreesen, who opposes the bill, said. "Why do people feel the need to carry a gun? I feel sorry for them."

The bill could be taken up by the state senate as early as next week.

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