Perry Dozier: "PJ definitely feels like he's ready for the NBA"

Perry Dozier: "PJ definitely feels like he's ready for the NBA"

PJ Dozier announced on Wednesday that he's entering his name for the NBA Draft. He hasn't hired an agent, however, which means the sophomore point guard can withdraw his name from the draft by June 12 and be eligible to return to college for the 2017-18 season.

But how seriously is Dozier considering a potential return?

"He definitely feels like he's ready [for the NBA]," Perry Dozier, former Gamecocks star and P.J's father said during an appearance on SportsTalk with Phil Kornblut. "He's not testing just to see what's out there. Of course it's always good to get the evaluation of the higher people."

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Dozier can now receive feedback from individual NBA teams and participate in the combine from May 9 to May 14. PJ and his family can then use the information they glean from those experiences to make a final decision by the June 12 deadline.

"I think his goal is to keep moving forward," Perry Dozier said of his son's intentions. "He's not gonna look back yet unless it becomes necessary to say, 'Hey, it's not time to go.'"

PJ's father did say his son would be a lock to leave if he got a first-round evaluation, but anything less than that and they'd "play it by ear."

"[PJ] loves the University of South Carolina and thoroughly enjoyed his college years," Perry said. "But everything is about opportunity. And if he didn't give [the draft] a try, he'd feel like he played himself. Things could be better next year or they could be worse. We don't know.

"I've always felt like he has the NBA game. That's just my personal take. His style of play is geared to play in the league. Frank Martin did a wonderful job teaching him how to be tough and especially improving his defensive game. Those two things was the things I thought he need more work in [coming out of high school]."

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