Rep. Joe Wilson not shocked about 'you lie' chants at town hall

Rep. Joe Wilson not shocked about 'you lie' chants at town hall

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Rep. Joe Wilson said he was more than prepared for a raucous town hall that saw many people use his well-known "you lie" moment against him.

Wilson, who was in town to host a veterans' fair to bring potential employers and federal agencies in direct contact with vets, said he already knew what was being used against other members of Congress who have had to deal with angry constituents at their own town halls.

"We knew that there were national efforts to try to prevent Republican members of Congress from holding town halls," Wilson said. "I knew that because I saw their playbook. It was online, but it was so important to me that nothing come between me and meeting with the public. I'm happy to meet with anyone, whether they agree with me or not."

Republican members of Congress are facing increasingly heated town halls if they choose to hold them. Wilson held a town hall this week where he was faced with constituents who chanted "you lie" at him.

Wilson famously yelled that at President Barack Obama during his 2009 Presidential Address to Congress.

Wilson said he was not shocked or disappointed that his own words were used against him.

"No, because I knew I was telling the truth," Wilson said.

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