Crooks can easily steal your credit card information by using yo - - Columbia, South Carolina

Crooks can easily steal your credit card information by using your ATM

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Ever wonder how a credit card skimmer works? 

Well, according to the Richland County Sheriff's Department, it's pretty simple and could not only ruin your day but your credit and your bank account along with it. 

These devices can be easily be placed over the scanning device on your bank's ATM. From there, crooks can take them off the ATM after a day's worth of collecting card data and download them to a computer.

"This is a quick, easy way to steal money," Sheriff Leon Lott said.

Lott went on to explain that the easiest way to check for these devices on your ATM is to always check the credit card reader. If it pulls off or wiggles, then it could be a skimmer.

"That's what we are asking you to do. We don't want people to be scared of using ATM machines because they're very convenient. Banks make them available for your convenience but the bad guys take advantage of our wanting to be convenient and getting things fast by putting this over it," Sheriff Lott explained. "Normal, it's not going to budge. A skimmer on it, it will come off."

Each year, ATM skimming results in $2 billion worth of financial losses worldwide.

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