Guest Editorial: SC roads need repair

Guest Editorial: SC roads need repair

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - I'm Harry Spratlin, a resident of Columbia.

My family and I have called South Carolina home for over 40 years.

We're coming to an important time in our history, when an important decision is ours to make. Will we fix our roads or not?
There's no debate on this single fact: compared to our neighboring states, our roads are unacceptable. North Carolina and Georgia are also staunchly conservative states. However, they're much larger in both geography and population, yet they have great roads, and here's how they did it.

They supported their legislators in passing appropriate laws to generate enough revenue from the right sources, and they trusted their departments of transportation to handle it honestly and efficiently to improve roads and bridges. And it worked out well for them.

We can't take for granted we'll have the same result, as politicians and polls are lining up in opposition to the roads improvement bill now in the state house
in South Carolina, we tend to think we're different. We put blinders on, and think we have to come up with unique solutions for a problem, or just pass it by altogether.

If we allow opponents of our roads legislation to shout the new law down, it won't prove we're smarter or more conservative than our neighbors. It will just mean we don't recognize an opportunity that will mean safety and prosperity for South Carolina for years to come.

Our forefathers took bold actions and made much needed sacrifices to give us a great state to live in. Let's not bequeath a second rate version of it to our children and grandchildren.

That's my take, what's yours?

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