Best Buys: Gas grills

(National) June 17, 2005 - Consumer Reports just tested 34 grills to find the best. Prices ranged from a mere $100 to more than $3000.

The tests start in a lab, where each grill is subjected to a battery of tests. To evaluate how evenly a grill heats, sensors are attached to the surface at about four-inch intervals. Mark Connelly says a thermal profile delivers the results, "So what we have is in the center here where it's red, we have a relatively hot area, and the outer surfaces, we have the green representing relatively cool temperatures. This one, one of the better ones, as you can see is uniform across the entire surface."

Testers also measured the grilling area and shelf space and assessed how well a grill is made. Some are far from sturdy.

When it comes to features, testers are seeing more high-end ones on lower-priced grills. For example: stainless steel trim.

Then the grills were put through their paces with burgers, along with chicken breasts and salmon steaks. Burgers are used to test a grill's performance with higher heat. The chicken breasts and salmon steaks test a grill's ability to cook on a low setting without burning.

When all the food was done to a turn, testers named the medium-sized BBQ Grillware a best buy. It's model number GSF-2616. It costs $200. It performed very well, and has a side burner so you'll be able to expand your barbeque menu.

Reported by Judi Gatson
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