My Take: Kudos to the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

My Take: Kudos to the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Give credit to Columbia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Carl Blackstone for creating a visionary strategic foresight planning group to shape Columbia's future business, economic and development for the next decade.

Blackstone has organized a diverse group of business and civic leaders to forge a vision for Columbia into the next decade, which Blackstone has labeled, "Shape the Chamber's future for the next generation."

There are certainties in our changing world that are impacting local communities in big ways. For instance, population shifts. Population diversification continues on a national scale and locally as well.  And Millennials are beginning to displace baby boomers as the workplace majority and are bringing with them inclusive core values that challenge traditional perceptions of the chamber.

Another big issue looming for the future of cities and their chambers is the fact that local economies can feel short of water, energy, talent and leadership—swings of supply and demand can happen quicker.  As a result, Chambers need to be nimble problem solvers and business needs to continue to grow and develop in our communities to sustain long-term viability for our citizens.

Exports of our products made right here in the Midlands will drive growth. The world will continue to come to our door and strong places to do business will still matter to global companies.

So kudos to the Columbia Chamber for recognizing the need to shape our chamber for this evolutionary change.

Blackstone has pushed a solid agenda of planning for what will come. That puts Columbia on much more solid footing as we experience some of the biggest shifts in population growth in decades.

That's my take, what's yours?

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