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How About My Battery?

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Every vehicle needs electricity just to get started, then to power nearly everything from the radio to the onboard computer. The battery is the primary source of power for these electronic components, so it only makes sense to ensure it is working properly.

  • Batteries can fail for a number of reasons, including insecure mounting, frequent "deep cycling" (running the battery very low, then recharging it) and dirty or poor connections. Here are a few ways to help prevent your battery from failing and leaving you stranded:
  • Have the battery electrolyte level checked with every oil change (if not a sealed battery).
  • Cables should be securely attached and free of corrosion. A simple mixture of baking soda and lots of clear water will neutralize most acid and corrosion.
  • Don't wait until your battery fails before you replace it. Even though they have five-, six- and seven-year warranties, most batteries actually last between three and four years. Also, a weak battery can cause alternators to work too hard and fail prematurely.
  • Keep fuel and ignition systems maintained so your engine starts easily and doesn't discharge the battery from cranking over and over without starting.
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