Generator Service Plans

What service plans does Generator Power SolutionsTM offer?

Standby generators require regular maintenance in order to maintain maximum effectiveness. As an additional service to our loyal customers, Generator Power SolutionsTM offers two optional service plans.

Full Maintenance Plan
With the full maintenance plan, Generator Power SolutionsTM will perform all maintenance duties for you! We will make four quarterly visits a year. At the first three quarterly visits we will perform a thorough inspection of your generator, checking filters, oil level and leaks. We will perform a run test to confirm that the generator is functioning properly, testing the voltage and frequency output and adjusting as necessary.

At the fourth quarterly visit, we will replace the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, and check the generator for leaks. We will also check the generator's valves. This insures your generator is running at peak efficiency.

Annual-Only Maintenance Plan
For customers who wish to make their own quarterly inspections, we have the annual-only maintenance plan. On the one year anniversary of your installation we will come onsite to replace the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, check the valves and make any adjustments to the output voltage and frequency so that your generator can continue to operate at peak efficiency when you need it.

Note: Should we at anytime discover the need for additional parts and labor to keep the unit in proper working order, you will be notified before the repairs will proceed.

To learn more about what is included in our Service Plans, click here.