Generator Power Solutions Services

If the area you live in is subject to frequent power outages, bad weather, or if you simply want the security and peace of mind that comes with having dependable power, then you need a standby generator.

Standby generators represent a marvel of modern technology that substantially increases the quality of living for their owners. However, a standby generator isn't an appliance that you simply buy and plug in. You need to decide what you want to power before you purchase a model. You need to find someone who sells the model you want. You have to find someone to install it. And don't forget about finding a qualified service technician to maintain it after installation!

Many people don't know where to begin. Frequently, people who wish to install a generator can't because they don't possess the necessary training to complete the tasks involved (wiring, plumbing, etc).

And the training you need to correctly install a standby generator is considerable. Can you determine the wattages of your appliances? Can you run the wires to and from your generator unit? Do you know how to determine the gas pressure in your existing gas lines?

Manufacturers will not honor the unit's warranty if it is not regularly serviced by qualified personnel. Do you think you can perform maintenance on the unit after it is installed?

Did you know that if you incorrectly wire a generator to your home, you stand a good chance of damaging your own appliances and putting your loved ones in danger? Suppose you just had a power outage and the generator activates. Any utility workers restoring power to your home can be hurt or even killed should your generator unit be connected improperly. This is because your generator can actually send power back up the utility lines in your area. Then, when the local utility repair people are working on the lines they can be harmed by power lines that should have had no power running through them.

This is where Generator Power SolutionsTM  comes in!
Generator Power SolutionsTM does more than simply sell generators. We have a comprehensive purchase process that ensures you get an efficient, reliable quality power solution that meets both your power and budgetary needs. We are your turnkey source for standby generators! To get the process started, simply come up with a list of appliances you would like to have a generator power. Then, give us a call! You can reach us by phone at 888-POWRFIX , or through email at .

Next, we will come to your residence and perform a free onsite survey. We will look at what you want to power, the location you want to install the unit and give you an idea of which model is right for you.

After that, should you decide to have us install a generator, we will order the model and schedule an installation appointment. Usually we can have the model you want within 5 days. After that, we will arrive onsite to install your generator. Normally, we can have the unit installed in a matter of days.

Finally, a Generator Power SolutionsTM representative will demonstrate that your generator is fully functional and the representative will show you how to conduct emergency startup and shutdown procedures, should you ever need to know how to do those things.

At that time, we will activate your warranty and you will be able to live with the peace of mind that only dependable power can bring!

Our service to you doesn't stop there, however. Generator manufacturers will not honor a unit's warranty unless it is regularly serviced by a qualified professional. Generator Power SolutionsTM has you covered there too! After we install your standby generator, we offer a number of excellent service and support plans.