Hundreds at State House rally for social justice reform

Hundreds at State House rally for social justice reform

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Hundreds of people attended a rally on the South Carolina State House grounds on Monday morning.

The People's March on Columbia advocates social justice reforms.

Protesters say they wanted to send their message on legislative goals to Gov. Henry McMaster. They will speak on things like Medicaid expansion, voting rights, a higher minimum wage, and gun laws.

"We've been a long time without a raise to the minimum wage," protester Steven Walls said. "It's woefully inadequate. It's not a living wage, and that's what it should be."

They do not want guns in schools as one Senate bill would allow staff to carry.

"We don't want more guns in our public schools," protester Rose Martinez said. "We want them to be funded."

The event was considered a statewide call to action this President's Day.

Organizers focused on social justice matters, but one organizer tells me he would rather the people of South Carolina fund road repairs through taxes than President Donald Trump fill McMaster's favor of giving $5 billion to the state in federal money for road fixes.

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