My Take: Mr. McMaster, please leave a mark on SC in the form of a modernized infrastructure

My Take: Mr. McMaster, please leave a mark on SC in the form of a modernized infrastructure

STATEWIDE (WIS) - I may sound like a broken record here… But it is time to fix our roads.

Governor Nikki Haley's exit and Lt. Governor Henry McMaster's ascension to the state's highest office may just be an opportunity to make travel for South Carolinians and our visitors much easier and safer.

Should Haley's appointment to UN ambassador be approved by the Senate, Lieutenant Governor McMaster will soon have his chance to make a mark on the Palmetto State. That mark, in the mind of the WIS editorial board, should be to improve South Carolina's infrastructure.

That improvement must start with fixing our outdated, pothole-filled interstates, secondary roads and bridges.

Take a trip to a neighboring state and try to drive smoothly home from three lanes to two lanes in South Carolina. The antiquated interstates cause traffic jams and even deaths.

There have been chances in the past to create recurring funding for roads, but Governor Haley and our elected representatives and senators have not been able to reach common ground. This new legislative session is a golden opportunity.

Mr. McMaster, the clock is ticking. If you reach that coveted office, please work with the general assembly to create annual funding to get the job started. It's going to take decades to finish. The longer we wait, the worse it's going to get and the more expensive it will be, with interest rates expected to rise at least a couple of times over the year.

Wouldn't it be nice to look back at your legacy and celebrate the modernization of South Carolina's infrastructure?

That's My Take. What's yours?

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