Councilman suggests burying power lines along Bluff Road

Councilman suggests burying power lines along Bluff Road

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Changes are on the horizon for Bluff Road in Columbia next year.

The project to widen Bluff Road will be funded by Richland County penny tax funds. It'll include putting a sidewalk in along the road starting near Williams Brice Stadium and going all the way out towards I-77.

County councilman Seth Rose said he feels it would also be cost efficient for the county to bury the power lines while the widening project is already taking place. Rose said taking down the lines could make the area more visually appealing and also reduce the risk of downed lines during high winds.

"My thing is, the roads are going to be open, so the time to bury the lines is when the roads are open. And once they're closed in, it will cost more to then reopen the roads and bury them, so really this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bury the power lines," Rose said.

SCANA Energy has projected that burying those power lines would cost several million additional dollars. Rose said he's reached out to officials at the University of South Carolina to see if they can help with meeting that cost.

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