My Take: We are in the season of giving

My Take: We are in the season of giving

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - We are in the season of giving. The holidays mean spending time with our families and friends and helping others. And there's no shortage of charities out there.

Whether it's at the checkout line at the grocery store or outside the front door of our favorite shop, we are constantly asked to give. Those requests for help come so frequently, it can become exhausting.

One may even wonder, "Am I really making a difference?"

Every year around this time, WIS also asks you to give your time and hard earned money. For years, we have worked with the Palmetto Project on "Families Helping Families," our community service project.

"Families Helping Families" is unique in that entire families of different sizes are "adopted" for Christmas by businesses, churches and even individuals. It is a labor of love for those who participate every year.

"Every child should have a Christmas," Palmetto Project volunteer Mary Hellams said. "No child should wake up on Christmas morning and not have something under that tree for them."

And, once again, the Midlands has come through in a big way. Thanks to you, 3,000 families were adopted this year.

While we may not be able to see the faces of the families helped in person, please realize you are making a difference.

So as you open gifts Christmas morning, we hope you will smile as you think about the joy others are experiencing at that same moment all thanks to your generosity.
That's my take, what's yours?

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