DYLANN ROOF TRIAL DAY TWO: Prosecutors present graphic images of aftermath in Emanuel AME shooting

CHARLESTON, SC (WIS) - The government presented graphic images as evidence in court in day two of 22-year-old Dylann Roof's trial -- the Columbia man is accused of killing nine inside a Charleston church last year.

Specifically, the evidence were graphic images taken inside Emanuel A.M.E. after the massacre were shown to the jury. There were some tears from family members inside the courtroom as those images were displayed, but many stayed in their seats.

Those photos show a large fellowship hall dotted by columns and lined by wooden walls. In those photos, jurors saw multiple tables covered with white cloths – and gruesome images of a Wednesday night Bible study interrupted by gunfire.

Without going into too much detail, jurors also saw images of the bodies on the floor of the church.

The government's witness who talked jurors through the images, a former SLED investigator, told those jurors that 54 bullets were collected from those victims. Table cloths, chairs, and walls were damaged by those bullets as well.

Jurors also saw video surveillance of the suspect, who the government identified as Roof, driving into the church parking lot and entering the church. They also saw that same man, a while later, leave the church. At first, he glances side-to-side as he cracks the door. He has the gun still in his hand. He gets in his car and leaves.

Before testimony began,  Roof's defense filed a motion Thursday morning after Roof's mother was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. Judge Richard Gergel denied the motion and also denied a motion to have some of survivor Felicia Sanders' testimony stricken from the record.

Sanders took the stand and talked about the moments when investigators say Roof pulled out a weapon and opened fire on a room of African-American parishioners.

By the time the gunfire ended, nine people were dead and Sanders and her granddaughter managed to come out of the carnage alive.

"He just sat there the whole time," Sanders said of Roof. "Evil. Evil as can be."

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