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Dylann Roof doesn't think crime scene photos should be disclosed in trial

Dylann Roof (Source: WIS) Dylann Roof (Source: WIS)

We are now heading into the fourth day of jury selection in the federal trial of accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

Judge Richard Gergel laid out a timeline this morning of when this trial will begin.

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Judge Gergel says he will hear pretrial motions during a pretrial conference on Dec. 5. Next Tuesday, all 70 potential jurors will be called in to begin the striking process, narrowing it down to 12 jurors and 6 alternates.

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Judge Gergel then says the trial will officially begin Dec. 7.

While the number of qualified potential jurors continues to climb, many potential jurors have been excused for various reasons. One said he wouldn’t be able to consider the testimony of foreign nationals.

Another was struck for a post he made on Facebook after the massacre where he called Dylann Roof a "disgusting man who committed this crime."

Roof is representing himself, but his standby attorney stood up to raise that point. Gergel said Roof needs to do the talking, but that attorney said Roof was too embarrassed to say that out loud.

The judge allowed her to speak, for that particular circumstance, and ultimately, they investigated that Facebook post and decided to dismiss that potential juror.

Another development Thursday, the government filed a motion requesting the court to prevent the publishing of certain pieces of evidence.

“The government requests that a very narrow subset of the trial evidence – namely, the evidence depicting the deceased victims at the crime scene – not be posted on the internet or made available for copying," one of the motions said.

The judge said he’ll review that motion. He said it’s something that “gravely concerns” him.

By the way, Roof was also asked about those photos.

“I don’t think they should be disclosed,” he said.

Our Chad Mills remains in the federal courthouse tweeting live updates.

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