Aging apartment complex gets new lease on life - - Columbia, South Carolina

Aging apartment complex gets new lease on life


The scene of drive-by shootings and at least two murders in the late 2000s was reborn Tuesday.

North Columbia’s Gable Oaks apartment complex now has 200 units of upscale living space and is topped off by a clubhouse with a community room, computer lab, and after-school programs. According to North Columbia resident and Councilman Sam Davis, it’s something to be proud of.

“It’s an example of what apartment communities and established neighborhoods can do together,” Davis said.

For Mayor Steve Benjamin, it’s another example of under-the-radar changes in a sometimes under served part of the city.

“I would tell people who are paying attention and might consider themselves in the smart money category to look at the new water part at Greenview,” he said, “to look at the investments at Earlewood Park, to look at the $30 million of streetscaping on North Main Street to see what’s happening here at Gable Oaks and the vibrancy of Columbia College. It’s where excellent and exciting things happen.”

Officials say even with the makeover, the 45-year-old Gable Oaks complex is fully subsidized and remains part of the city’s efforts to expand its stock of affordable housing.

“This is the next area for development,” said Davis. “It’s the last frontier of development in the city. And there’s not a lot of interest. There are people who are purchasing properties and there are some other amenities in the works.”

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