My Take: Don't give up on the election process

My Take: Don't give up on the election process

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Election day is almost upon us…And with 20-16 being a presidential year, interest is particularly high. But for some voters, there is a high level of concern. We have heard from WIS viewers who have a distrust of the system and fear their vote may not count.

Those fears have been heightened by calls from Presidential candidate Donald Trump that the system is "rigged." Also, recent massive computer security breaches including the current one involving Wikileaks has people wondering if hackers could somehow play a role in election results.

Then, there's the situation in Richland County. Voting in 2012 could only be described as a "fiasco." In some precincts, voters stood in line for several hours waiting to cast a ballot. Some finally just gave up and left. Problems were blamed on voting machine shortages and breakdowns. There were also reports of lost absentee ballots-leading some to speculate the election had been rigged by supporters of a penny sales tax. Investigations followed and we are still awaiting the final results of a SLED investigation.

No wonder people feel a certain trepidation about the whole process.

But don't give up.

Steps are being taken to alleviate those concerns. The State Election Commission is working with law enforcement, Homeland Security and even the National Guard to protect the state's election infrastructure.

And if you are thinking about sitting out this election because you can't bring yourself to vote for either Presidential candidate, don't forget…there's no rule that says you have to vote in every contest.

In fact, some of the most important races are in the local municipalities.

If you feel like you need to learn more about the candidates or polling places, we can help. Go to the "Decision 2016" page at wistv dot com. There, you can find a one stop guide on everything you need for election day.

Trust in the system…vote absentee if you need to, but don't sit this one out.

We hope to see you at the polls November 8th.

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