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Mother describes incident involving daughter to spread word about inappropriate touching

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VonGretchen Nelson received a call from her daughter’s teacher saying she witnessed another student touching the girl inappropriately. Since the incident, Nelson said her 3-year-old daughter hasn’t been the same.

“She has some bedwetting,” Nelson said. “She’s also been very vocal about it.”

Those signs Nelson mentioned are among the symptoms of Sexual Trauma. Expert Mary Dell Hayes said children could show these signs after being sexually abused.

“They may start acting out in other inappropriate ways or demonstrating what started happening to them on other children,” Hayes said. “It's really important to say things like, 'I noticed that you were doing this can you tell me a little about that?' Asking those open-ended questions it gives room for the child to tell you in their own words what's happening."

Hayes said it’s best to be transparent when having those conversations.

“It’s very important to talk to them about boundaries and what’s private and not private,” she said. “Use medical accurate terms, not to say things like ‘pocketbook’ or ‘flower,’ but to use the terms doctors would use.”

Sexual Trauma Services has a 24-hour hotline where support is available for survivors of sexual assault. 

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