Scam Alert: Troopers charity scam

(Columbia) May 11, 2005 - Some con artists are trying to steal your money by pretending they're raising money for law enforcement officers. Here's the scam alert: they use names that sound official, like State Trooper Highway Patrolman Association or the South Carolina State Troopers Coalition. They even try to come to your door to pick up donations.

The official organization that represents over 90% of active and/or retired state troopers is the South Carolina Troopers Association. The SCTA hires professional firms to oversee their fundraising programs. All fundraising done over the phone and is followed up with a confirmation packet.

Under no circumstances will anyone representing the SCTA pick up a check from an individual's residence. If you want to verify any solicitation received at your home on behalf of SCTA, you can call 1-800-929-4976.

Anyone receiving calls of this nature should contact the SC Secretary Of State's office at 1-888-CHARITI or 1 (888) 242-7484. For specific questions about the South Carolina Troopers Association, or to receive additional information about the association, please contact the SCTA office at 1-800-633-2236 or visit the SCTA online .

Posted 4:02pm by Bryce Mursch