My Take: Don't let terrorists stop you from doing what you love

My Take: Don't let terrorists stop you from doing what you love

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Events over the past week once again have many Americans concerned for their safety. Suspected terrorist, Ahmad Rahami, is now in custody after federal investigators say he was behind bombings in New York and New Jersey. It's just the latest example of domestic terrorism that has some on edge.

In light of the news, Americans are once again wondering if they could become collateral damage in the next terrorist attack. Thankfully, the suspect in this case was quickly captured without mass casualties.

But sadly, it will only be a matter of time before another incident happens. So what are we to do? Live in fear…stay behind locked doors and be constantly suspicious of others?

Not exactly.

Statistically speaking, the likelihood of being the victim of a terror attack is very small. Security measures are more extensive than ever at entertainment events. Take for example, the new clear bag policy at USC games. And law enforcement officials are constantly looking at measures to increase safety even more.

While you don't need to live in paranoia, you should take precautions. If you notice something suspicious, report it. But don't stop living your life. Keep going to games, keep enjoying concerts and…most importantly…keep going out to enjoy events with your family. That's why life is all about.

Because if we let the actions of a few keep us from doing the things we love…then the terrorists win.

That's My Take, What's Yours?

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