Scam Alert: Phony area codes, restricted vitamins

(National) May 4, 2005 - We've all received suspicious e-mails or phone calls, and sometimes it's hard to tell whether they're legit or the real deal. WIS is busting some scams that have conned people out of a lot of money.

Have you ever dialed area code 809? Some people are getting messages to call a number in the "809" area code immediately because a relative has died, been arrested or injured.

The Scam Alert? The country code for the Dominican Republic is 809. That means international long distance charges apply. View information from the "Fraud Squad" on the scam>>

Plus, some 809 numbers are pay-per-call services, similar to 900 numbers, so they can charge additional fees without giving you any warning at all. View facts about the scam from AT&T>>

If you get an "809" message from someone you don't know, by email or a phone call, disregard it. Other area codes are also used in this scam, so if you're in doubt look up the area code before you dial. View all US area codes>>

Next is an item that Barbara in West Columbia asked us to check out. She received an e-mail about new regulations that quote "will severely restrict the use and availability of vitamins, minerals and supplements," making the prices skyrocket.

Back in 2003, legislation that proposed regulation of dietary supplements was introduced to Congress. It was never voted on, much less passed!

You can read about other urban legends at, and has similar information.

Reported by Judi Gatson

Posted 6:35pm by Chantelle Janelle