South Carolina Democrats denounce Altman's comments

(Columbia-AP) April 23, 2005 - The South Carolina Democratic Party Saturday afternoon overwhelmingly voted to call for the resignation of a Lowcountry representative.

The party was irked over comments that Republican Representative John Graham Altman made regarding women and criminal domestic violence bill that died in the House this week.

Altman told News 10's Kara Gormley that he did not understand why women, "go back around men who abuse them."

State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Erwin says Altman's remarks were just absurd. He says he doesn't know that Altman is a sound voice for South Carolina.

Erwin says delegates to the state convention Saturday were angry.

South Carolina's Democratic leaders are not the only ones with something to say about the controversy. House Speaker David Wilkins (R-Greenville) will use his program "This Week in the House" to talk about it.

"This Week in the House" airs Tuesday at 11:30am on ETV digital channel 803 on Time Warner Cable and on the website later that day.

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