Severe weather in the Midlands puts one in the hospital

Severe weather in the Midlands puts one in the hospital

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Another round of afternoon storms hit parts of the midlands Friday afternoon, leaving one person in Columbia injured after a tree fell onto a home.

North Columbia seemed like it was one of the hardest hit areas with countless trees knocked down on Delverton Road. Many of the residents in the area lost power.

Tabitha Abraham, who lives on Delverton Road, said the woman who lived in the home that was damaged by a tree had just recently moved in.

"She just moved in here one month ago and she was hurt pretty bad," explained Abraham. "Her face is pretty cut up bad, bad. I have never in my 28 years in this neighborhood, never seen anything come through so fast and do as much damage as it did."

That woman received treatment from a local hospital for her injuries caused from the storm.

Emergency crews were on the scene surveying the damage. Residents in the neighborhood were helping to clean up the debris left behind in the storm.

Police were diverting traffic on Fairfield Road after another tree fell down blocking traffic.

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