Buyer Beware: Portable satellite radio

(National) April 25, 2005 - Harry Greisser, who's had satellite radio for three years, loves all his choices, "You can pick any kind of music you want to listen to jazz, blues, rock, soul,"

Up until now, satellite radio was mostly restricted to the home or to the car. Consumer Reports' Tom Maung just tested the first-ever satellite radio you're supposed to be able to take anywhere. It costs $350. It's MyFi from Delphi and it works with the XM Satellite system.

Besides listening through earphones, you can connect it to a stereo system.

Tom ran into problems when he tested MyFi outside. At first it sounded good through his headphones, but then he turned around. His body blocked the signal and MyFi lost reception, "It comes with this portable antenna which does improve reception. But it's hard to clip on and it's kind of funny."

So if you like satellite radio, you may be a lot happier listening to it at home or in your car.

The Delphi MyFi is the first portable satellite radio, but within a few months, other companies will introduce devices you can use with XM Satellite Radio. And XM's competitor, Sirius, says it's going to introduce a portable satellite radio over the summer.

Reported by Judi Gatson
Posted 6:01pm by BrettWitt

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