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National honors for Pine Ridge Middle school adviser

Daniel Bailey (via NASC) Daniel Bailey (via NASC)

A student council adviser at Lexington School District Two's Pine Ridge Middle School has been recognized by a national organization for his work with the school's student council.

Congratulations go to Daniel Bailey, the school's student council adviser, for being named the 2016 Warren E. Shull National Middle Level Adviser of the Year, by the National Association of Student Councils.

Named after the founder of the NASC, the annual award recognizes outstanding achievements by a selected student council adviser at middle and high schools nationwide.

In the award recognition, Bailey cites two characteristics he consistently nurtures in his student leaders: a love of service and a need for commitment. He feels it is important for the council to have a strong presence in both the school and community. While serving the school and student body, it is important for student leaders to also be active in helping to make the community a better place to live. Also important is teaching middle level leaders about commitment and giving them opportunities to understand that success is found through numerous hours of work.

As Bailey says, "As their adviser, I encourage my students to be dedicated to a cause because those who are fully committed pour every ounce of their best into projects; those around them and their community."

It's that dedication that earned Bailey recognition locally as well, named the South Carolina Association of Student Council's 2015-2016 Middle Level Adviser of the Year, in addition to being named Pine Ridge Middle's Teacher of the Year in 2014.

An example of Bailey's fantastic work with the middle school's student councilors is the An-"tie" Bullying Campaign, started by the council with help from the student senate. The school wide campaign raised awareness of the negative effects of bullying by encouraging everyone to wear neckties on Tuesdays. As part of the campaign, the council members shared information about how to deal with bullying situations and helped their peers learn to tie their ties.

"All council and senate members look forward to this event every week," Bailey said. "They swap ties and pass along tips for positive media and building everyone up in our school. We have seen a huge drop in discipline referrals for bullying and negative social media, as our students are spreading the word every week."

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