168 agencies to receive money for police body cameras

168 agencies to receive money for police body cameras

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - More than 160 law enforcement agencies across South Carolina will split the $5.8 million legislators provided for police body cameras, their maintenance and video storage.

The state's Public Safety Coordinating Council is distributing the money to all 168 agencies that applied for funding. That includes several solicitors' offices and public safety for airports and colleges.

State officials aren't yet announcing how much each agency is getting. Money will start going out next month.

But Sen. Greg Hembree, a council member, said Thursday the smallest agencies will receive 100 percent of their request, mid-size agencies 75 percent and the largest agencies 50 percent.

The North Myrtle Beach Republican says the goal was to spread the limited money as fairly as possible, focusing on tiny departments that likely can't buy cameras otherwise.

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