Fire levels Union Baptist Church in Rembert - - Columbia, South Carolina

Fire levels Union Baptist Church in Rembert

Union Baptist Church in Rembert burns down (img courtesy Jonathan Lassiter) Union Baptist Church in Rembert burns down (img courtesy Jonathan Lassiter)

A fire leveled a church in the rural Sumter County town of Rembert Saturday afternoon.

Investigators are still trying to find out how a massive fire started at Union Baptist Church on Spring Hill Road in Rembert, destroyed. 

No one was inside the church when the flames broke out. From what officials can tell, that was sometime after 2 Saturday afternoon. The pastor of the church tells WIS News 10 that there were several groups meeting before then – including the church choir.

They left the building, and then at some point soon after, the fire started. 

It’s not clear right now where the fire started in the building --- but the damage speaks for itself, as the majority of the building was left in ruins.

Several members of the congregation returned later in the afternoon, watching as fire crews from several agencies worked to put the fire out and tend to any hot spots.

Church leaders told WIS 10's Mike DeSumma that while the situation is tragic, they are finding meaning in the loss.

Union Baptist Church Pastor Walter Robertson said: “We are repeating and we are making the same sound that we trust God in all of this..that God is going to be glorified through all of this." Pastor Robertson said the congregation " in good spirits…they’re shocked like I am but they’re in good spirits..their heads are lifted up and like I said we’re just gonna trust God all the way through this.”

Investigators say they've requested SLED to help with the investigation, which is common practice in cases like this.

This is the second fire that's struck the Union Baptist Church in the congregation's history, a presence in the Rembert community since the 1880's.

DeSumma said the Pastor told him that the church is insured, and the congregation also has a family life center next door where services will be held for the time being.

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