My Take: Shame on the NBA

My Take: Shame on the NBA

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - During the second quarter of Sunday's game, Green shoots over Oklahoma Thunder center Steven Adams and appears to intentionally kick Adams very hard in his groin.  Adams collapses on the floor in obvious agony.

Green later said he was just playing the game and the kick not intentional.

He was assessed a flagrant one foul, which did not carry an ejection from the game.  So, Green continued to play while Adams sat nauseated on the bench dealing with extreme pain.

Late on Monday, the NBA ruled that despite what appeared to be an intentional kick to Adams, Green would not be suspended. They changed the foul to a Flagrant 2, which carried a $25,000 fine, but NO suspension.

This, despite Cleveland Cavaliers player Dhantay Jones who WAS suspended for a punch he threw to groin of Toronto Raptors player Bismack Biyombo just a few days earlier.

The Green act has undoubtedly left many wondering: What has happened here?  Are we now telling our children who idolize these NBA players that it is okay to act like this?

There is quite the difference between playing aggressively and playing dirty. I am afraid that we just told all the kids playing ball out there, well you know, it is okay to kick someone in the privates and continue to making millions playing the game.

Lets' not forget that NBA players and ALL professional athletes have a responsibility to their audiences that pay to see them play. Often we are exposed to their commercials where these same players espouse to being gracious community servants who donate time and money to those in their community who are in need.

I am afraid all of that no longer has any validity. Shame on the NBA for allowing this to occur without any consequences to its employees.  Shame on Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors, who claimed that Green did nothing wrong.

In the game of "real life," the actions of one Draymond Green would surely have resulted in a termination. Our children are force-fed these professional athletes as the heroes of their time.

It is time these professional sports teams get their acts together and really set an example and bench these star players who act inappropriately either in the game or outside of the game.

The world is watching. And you are NOT the example that we want our children to follow.

That's my take, what's yours?

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