Business owner finds man who robbed Sandhill store using left behind phone number

Business owner finds man who robbed Sandhill store using left behind phone number

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After having his life threatened as one of his stores was being robbed, Anwar Robertson did some investigating to find the man responsible for the crime.

Robertson, the owner of all three Mr. PC stores in the Columbia area, says he was working at his location at the Village at Sandhill on Saturday when a man came in asking to have his phone repaired.

Robertson said it was nothing out of the ordinary until it was time to check out. That's when the man pulled a gun on him and his friend before leaving the store with a lot of cash.

However, the thief left one thing behind that helped Robertson find the suspect: According to Robertson, the man left the phone number he had repaired. Robertson searched for the phone number online and eventually found the man's Facebook page, which included pictures of the gun and video of the car the man used to leave the scene.

Robertson says all of the information Robertson he found is now in the hands of the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

"Sometimes, do your own investigation," Robertson says. "You know sometimes, people think, "Oh, what's the possibility that I'm going to find anything on the internet?' You can. I's amazing nowadays what is available to find information about people."

Robertson says it wasn't so much the money being taken that bothered him. Instead, it was the threat on his life that pushed him to act.

Robertson says the store does have security cameras, but they weren't activated at the time of the robbery. But he's certainly glad he found a lead the way he did.

Deputies have yet to make an arrest in the case.

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