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Good News: Savannah Bananas' new bat dog

Daisy, (Source: WTOC) Daisy, (Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

The Savannah Bananas have a new sidekick! 

Weighing in at just a little more than a bunch of bananas, the Savannah Bananas' new bat dog, Daisy.

At just six weeks old, she was found in the Grayson Stadium parking lot a couple of weeks ago with no tags, collar or microchip. That's when Team President Jared Orton and his wife Kelsey decided to adopt her.

"We've always talked about getting a dog and then she showed up to Grayson Stadium so we just figured it was fate," said Kelsey.

Daisy now comes to the office every day and helps greet visitors.

"She loves it,” said Jared. “She's greeted all of our season ticket holders when they come in, people have been picking up their merchandise and coming by to see her and hanging out with her."

"Daisy has a lot of spunk and a lot of energy but she's also super sweet.  She loves to snuggle, she loves to bite, which we are working on, but she's a great friend," said Kelsey.

While she is a little small to be the bat dog, they are getting her used to the baseball life early.

"She's eight weeks old now so she's maybe a little bit young to start her official duties as bat dog, but hopefully in the next year or so we'll get her trained up and she can be taking baseballs to umpires, and getting bats off the field, and really having a lot of fun," said Jared.

Word about Daisy is getting around and another local resident thinks she may have Daisy's sister.

Rae’s owner says she was found in a dumpster not far from the stadium. Rae doesn't just look like Daisy, but she also quickly became an office dog at the Don Callahan Real Estate Group.

Now, the owners are working to set up a play-date for the potential sisters.

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