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Dangerous meme targeting Sanders supporters is actually bomb recipe


A meme circulating on social media channels recently, claiming to create a blue "glowstick" for Bernie Sanders supporters, is actually the recipe to create a chlorine-based bomb.

Designed the font and color scheme used by the Sanders campaign, the meme leads users to believe they would create a blue-glowing liquid inside a bottle using a combination of chlorine and alcohol, however, mixed as described in the meme, it would create a chemical reaction that has explosive results when inside a sealed container.

A video was published to YouTube in 2012, showing the result of this chemical reaction when contained inside a plastic bottle.
(mobile link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H13dLQnLFfI)

The exact origin of the meme is unclear, however, it has been shared numerous times on different social media platforms, and at this time there have been no confirmed reports of injuries as a result.

The meme has been reported to the FBI by some users, because although whomever originated this meme intended it as a joke or prank, the spread of those instructions that will get people injured, is in fact considered an act of terrorism.

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