Tow truck driver, mother continue to square off after disabled w - - Columbia, South Carolina

Tow truck driver, mother continue to square off after disabled woman denied service

Shupee said he refused to tow a car with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. (May 4, 2016/FOX Carolina) Shupee said he refused to tow a car with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. (May 4, 2016/FOX Carolina)
The woman's Bernie Sanders sticker led a tow truck driver to deny her business. (Source: iWitness) The woman's Bernie Sanders sticker led a tow truck driver to deny her business. (Source: iWitness)
ASHEVILLE, NC (FOX Carolina) -

A local tow truck driver said he refused to tow a woman’s car after he saw Bernie Sanders stickers on the vehicle.

Kenneth Shupe said he was called to pick up a woman stranded on I-26 in Asheville on Monday.

When he saw “a bunch of Bernie Sanders stuff” he said he told the woman, “very politely,” that he could’t tow her car because she was “obviously a socialist” and advised her to “call the government” for a tow.

"Every business dealing in recent history with a socialist minded person I have not gotten paid," Shupe said. "Every time I deal with these people I get 'Berned' with an 'e' not a 'u'."

Shupe, who runs Shupee Max Towing in Travelers Rest, said he is a conservative Christian who supports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Shupe said he has drawn a line in the sand not to do business with Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

Sanders is running for president in 2016 on the Democratic ticket.

“I respect their beliefs, and I hope they respect my views,” Shupe said Wednesday.

The woman’s mother Kelle McWade posted an angry message on Facebook after the incident, calling Shupe a bigot.

"Trump's motto is 'Make America Great Again'," McWade said. "And this kind of divisive behavior is not going to make America great again."

Below is Kelle McWade’s public post:

Heads up, friends.... Cass had a wreck in Asheville yesterday. She is fine, but the car was not driveable. We called our mechanic who was tied up in Easley at the time, so he sent ShupeeMax Towing to get her. Kenneth Shupee drove from Travelers Rest to Asheville, hooked up her car, and when he went around to the back, he came back and told her that he wouldn't tow her because she had a Bernie sticker on the back of the car. HE LEFT HER ON THE SIDE OF THE INTERSTATE IN NC, and DROVE AWAY. Spread this bigot's story far & wide. Btw, I'm guessing he's a Trump supporter. The only difference is that the Don would have taken the money, because he at least realizes that liberals' money spends just the same as anyone else's. Dumb (expletive) cost himself money driving all the way to Asheville & back for nothing. (Expletive).

A major point of contention between Shupe and McWade is her daughter's health. McWade said her daughter suffers from multiple health issues and claims Cassy had a handicap placard displayed inside her vehicle at the time of the towing debacle, but Shupe maintains he never saw it and did not know the girl was disabled.

Cassy McWade said she suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and early stage Crohn's disease.

"Sitting on the side of the road for hours without a restroom was terrifying, and I take 18 prescriptions daily," Cassy said.

Kelle McWade took to Facebook again on Thursday and once again called Shupe a liar.

So, apparently Mr. Shupe has made a lot of claims that are outright lies. I'd like to clarify a few points, in case any of you have any questions or are speaking to someone who brings any of these points up: 
No one EVER asked him to tow her for free. My mechanic sent him ONLY because he couldn't get there in a reasonable period of time and he was worried about her being left there too long BECAUSE she is disabled. The car was to be towed to my mechanic, who agreed to cover the bill for me. We've been doing business with him for 10 years. If I didn't pay my bills, do you think he'd have done that or been willing to pay the tow bill for me until I could get to him to pay him back? Anyway, I've already paid him back..the SAME DAY. He still has my daughter's car to fix it. Make no mistake that Ken Shupe is a bald faced liar. He also lied about not knowing that she was disabled. Her placard was hanging in the car the whole time, and our mechanic told him that was the whole reason he asked him to go in the first place..BEFORE he ever went. He claimed on HuffPost that she was safe. He said her car was locked, the windows up and the A/C was very hot that day. That was impossible, considering wiring and hoses were cut in the wreck and the car had absolutely NO power at all. We couldn't even put the windows back up when it got to the tow yard to protect it from the rain, because it has no power. Don't believe everything you read. I can substantiate EVERYTHING I and my daughter have claimed. I guarantee you that Ken Shupe cannot.
To my knowledge, tow truck operators have a lien on vehicles that they tow, and have the right to hold the vehicle as collateral...and charge storage fees... until it's paid. So, how exactly has he been allegedly burned by Bernie supporters in the past...and how does he know that they were Bernie supporters? You know he's lying when his lips are moving.....
?For the record, I work a job and a half, own my house and all three of my cars free and clear...but I'm a deadbeat, right??? I pay cash for everything. If I can't afford it, I apparently don't need it.

Greenville Attorney Steve Sumner weighed in on the situation saying,"We may not like it and we may not agree with it but I don't believe any laws were broken."

Sumner said unlike race, sexuality, and religion, political affiliation is not a protected class.

"As long as there is no contract between the driver and the tow truck company then there is no legal obligation for the tow truck company to pick her up," Sumner said.

Shupee’s Used Cars LLC is in no way connected to Shupee Max Towing, and has nothing to do with the incident.  The owner of that business said she has been flooded with harassing calls from people who are mistaking her business with Kenneth Shupe's. She said she has even received bomb threats and death threats, all due to a misunderstanding.

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