Midlands Gives: Your chance to help area nonprofits!

Midlands Gives: Your chance to help area nonprofits!
WIS Sunrise anchor Mary King having a moment with the Midlands Crowd in 2015.
WIS Sunrise anchor Mary King having a moment with the Midlands Crowd in 2015.

Is giving a part of your everyday life? If you're like most Midlands residents, generosity and community spirit are a part of your daily routine. During Midlands Gives today, everyday philanthropists across the region are joining together – by simply giving online to more than 300 local nonprofits at MidlandsGives.org.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - What is Midlands Gives?   

Midlands Gives is a 24-hour local online giving challenge on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, hosted by Central Carolina Community Foundation, which helps more than 300 local nonprofits from 11 Midlands counties raise funds and awareness to support their organizations throughout the year.

In 2016, Midlands Gives raised $1.6 million via 12,536 individual gifts, toward 382 charities. In 2015, Midlands Gives raised an astonishing $1,543,032.65, via 11,372 individual gifts, toward 251 charities. In 2014, the event's inaugural year, $704,932.23 was raised, via 5,186 individual gifts, toward 150 charities.

Midlands Gives is one of almost 100 giving days that take place in cities across America throughout the year. In 2015, Midlands Gives ranked 7th in the nation in number of individual gifts.  We can't wait to see what the Midlands can achieve in 2017, the event's fourth year!

Donors can choose from 335 nonprofit organizations to support.

How to Be a Part of Midlands Gives

It's as simple as online shopping. Give at least $20 online from your desktop computer, on your tablet or on your mobile phone at MidlandsGives.org. Select the charities you'd like to support, and the dollar amount you'd like to give to each charity, and thanks to the Central Carolina Community Foundation, your donations will go straight to your charities of choice. 

Any 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in good standing with the Secretary of State, with a local office in one of the 11 Midlands counties served by the Foundation, is eligible to register. Nonprofits receive low-cost social media and fundraising training sessions offered by the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations, as well as branding and strategy training by the Foundation.

Why Give?

The dollars that these charities receive through Midlands Gives will allow them to continue providing life-changing programs and services to our local community.

More than 300 charities that are accepting donations at MidlandsGives.org on May 2. With just $20, become a philanthropist and give to one, or give to a few – every donation has an impact.

The public is invited to a Parking Lot Picnic at the South Carolina State Museum Tuesday from 4:30 - 7 p.m.

Watch WIS live on Midlands Gives day, Tuesday, May 2!

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