My Take: Congratulations to Jennifer Wise!

My Take: Congratulations to Jennifer Wise!

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - South Carolina's teacher of the year is from right here in the Midlands!

Jennifer Wise, a Hand Middle School math teacher born and raised in South Carolina, was named top teacher in Columbia at ceremonies emceed by our very own Judi Gatson. She was one of five finalists, three of whom were from the Midlands.

State School Superintendent Molly Spearman lauded Wise for helping students understand the role mathematics plays in solving everyday problems.

Wise is certainly a strong role model for her students, who say her classroom "feels like home."  Fellow teachers applaud Wise, who teaches 7th and 8th grade mathematics, for her enthusiasm, high expectations, her innovative classroom environment and willingness to work with students outside of her classroom.

She told the crowd of 800-plus district teachers of the year how proud she is to celebrate the state's education system.

"It is so fantastic the things that we are doing and I'm so excited to work with you and make an impact on every child in South Carolina every day because great things are happening here and I am so excited for our future," Wise said. "Thank you so much."

WIS salutes you, Jennifer Wise, for your dedication to teaching the youth of the Midlands and for your dedication to excellence.

A quote from Albert Schweitzer , the great theologian, philosopher and doctor summarizes just who the teachers of our children today represent, it reads "Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the ONLY thing."

We believe Jennifer Wise's example to her students at Hand Middle School and all of South Carolina, shines as a bright beacon of knowledge for all those students and the future of our state.

Congratulations again, Jennifer Wise, South Carolina's Teacher of the Year!

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