Buyer Beware: Hotel charges

(National) April 28, 2005 - The hotel business is better than ever and with the boom have come some new fees. Tod Marks with Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey about hotel experiences, "One of our Consumer Reports readers actually had several packages delivered to the hotel from And not only did they not bring the packages up to his room, but they made him come get it, and he was charged $50 just for the front desk to receive those packages."

Another person was charged about $10 for a porterage fee, even though no one ever helped him with his bags.

Some new hotel fees to look out for:

  • An early arrival fee. One hotel charged $50 when the guest arrived a few hours before regular check-in.
  • A fee for the safe in your room, even if you don't use it.
  • Resort fees for amenities like the pool or golf course, regardless of whether you swim or tee off.

Marks says you need to take preemptive action, "We suggest before you even get to the hotel when you make your call to place your reservation that you ask about any unusual fees. What in addition to the cost of the room can i expect to see on my bill?"

There are other sneaky hotel charges to watch out for. One guest had to pay a $5 fee to use a hotel corkscrew and that coffeemaker might be complimentary, but some hotels are charging for the package of coffee. If you follow these tips your next hotel stay should be a lot more enjoyable.

Reported by Judi Gatson
Posted 6:01pm by BrettWitt

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