Congratulations to our Food Lion $50 gift card winner!

Congratulations to our Food Lion $50 gift card winner!

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Congratulations to Milly Knuckley of West Columbia!

She is the first winner of a $50 Food Lion gift card for submitting her "Good News" idea to us.

Milly shared an idea to highlight a local business that had re-opened following October's historic flooding.

"So happy that LaBrasca's Pizza, owned and operated by Brett Wilson, was able to rebuild and come back strong after the October flood nearly washed away the business," she wrote. "April is the 50th anniversary and we are very lucky to be able to celebrate it! LaBrasca's is still not 100% finished due to money running out but we have high hopes of having the bar dining room back up and running very soon so we can continue to serve our family and friends here in Columbia!"

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