Richland County Council seeks AG's help in Rec Commission issue

Richland County Council seeks AG's help in Rec Commission issue

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Richland County Council is now asking for legal advice over what to do about the county's recreation commission.

Members of the Council say last week's news came as frustrating to them. The council, under state law, is responsible for funding the Recreation Commission and its activities. However county leaders right now have no power in appointing commission members or overseeing their activities.

Tuesday night the County Council voted to call on the South Carolina Attorney General's office for help. It wants state officials to see if it has any oversight power of the commission under state law.

Among other things, directors of the commission are being sued over claims of sexual harassment. They're also facing arguments from former employees that they've abused their power.

Members of the county council say they need to know if they can do something.

"That's a frustration when we are funding an agency at a formula that's mandated to us by our legislature and we are in the dark about what's happening with the agency because we don't hire, fire, appoint, etc. It's overseen by our legislature," said Richland County Councilman Seth Rose.

Members of Richland County's delegation to the state legislature currently appoint members of the Recreation Commission.

Last week state Senator Joel Lourie said he intends to put forth legislation to get that power in the County Council's hands. At this point there's no telling how long that will take.

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