Richland School District Two decked out in purple - - Columbia, South Carolina

Richland School District Two decked out in purple

On Friday students and teachers in Richland School District Two came together to show support of children in military families.

Students and faculty wore purple as encouragement – as the color is a mix of all military branches.

Children of military personnel at Lake Carolina Elementary School Lower Campus made their own hero packs today which included teddy bears they can hug if they’re missing their parent, a blow-up globe so they can find where their parent is anywhere the world, photo albums, journals and books that are written about children who have parents serving.

"When I asked the students what they love about the military kids club -- that's one thing they always say is getting to see other military kids and knowing that they're not alone and not the only one,” said Lake Carolina Elementary school counselor Kelli Harper.

"It's awesome to have such a supportive community -- I just got back from Afghanistan and been gone for a year and I just had no doubt the community was taking great care of the students here,” said Michael Navicky who just returned from Afghanistan.

Because of the number of military students in Richland Two, the Department of Defense gave the school district a grant to help with support items -- including the hero packs students made. All students in the district were encouraged to wear purple to show support.

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