Charge dismissed after SC Senate candidate jailed for gun crime

Charge dismissed after SC Senate candidate jailed for gun crime

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves is no stranger to running for office. He unsuccessfully ran for governor twice and stood on the debate stage beside Governor Nikki Haley and other gubernatorial candidates in 2014. Now, he's a candidate in the State Senate District 17 race, a seat that represents Fairfield, Chester, and York Counties.

But Reeves, who lives in Winnsboro, was behind bars just a couple of months ago.

Shandah Silvia says Reeves threatened her with a gun on the morning of January 15.

"I was scared," said Silvia. "If my children had been in the car, I don't know how I would have reacted."

A Fairfield County Sheriff's Office report says the dispute started over a dog.  The report says Silvia was driving back to her Winnsboro home when she noticed her dog had gotten loose. The report says she was trying to get her dog out of the road when Reeves pulled up and started cursing at her.

"He wouldn't move his car so I could get up the driveway," she said.

So, the report says, Silvia then drove to the front of the neighborhood, away from the dog, when Reeves followed her.

"I was at the stop sign of the subdivision, and he pulls up next to me pointing a gun towards me and waving for me to go ahead of him," Silvia said.

The report says she called 911 as she followed his car to the nearby BiLo.

"And he comes back to where I am and starts circling my car with his car," she said.

The report says Reeves ultimately drove away and was pulled over and arrested just a short distance from BiLo. In the report, deputies say they found a 9mm handgun under his driver's seat. Court documents say he was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm at a person.

"I mean, he ran for Governor. He ran for Senator. He's running for Senator," said Silvia. "You know, if you have someone like that, it should be someone you can trust."

Last week, according to court documents, the case was dismissed. The case's disposition status is listed as nolle prosequi.

"They said that it's been an ongoing situation and that it was more of a 'he said, she said,'" Silvia told WIS.

But Silvia's hoping something will change and prosecutors will give the case another look.
The incident report says Reeves told the officer he was only using the handgun to protect himself from the dog. In it, he says Silvia tried to "sick" the dog on him. He also says Silvia tried to run him off the road.

Silvia denied all of those claims to WIS and said she's the victim, not Reeves.

Reeves did not wish to comment on-camera Tuesday night but said the court has d ropped the case since there wasn't probable cause. He also said he was wrongfully arrested. He said he will continue to run for Senate, despite initial doubts, to fight for his rights and everyone's rights.

"There will be no further prosecution of this matter. I have informed Ms. Silvia.  I do not believe there is enough evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt of Reeves' guilt," said Sixth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Riley Maxwell on April 26. "With that in mind and the magistrate finding a lack of probable cause at the preliminary hearing, the case will remain dismissed."

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