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Bernie Sanders says he hasn't written off South Carolina

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is preparing for the South Carolina Democratic Primary Saturday and beyond.

The Democratic presidential candidate campaigned in the Capital City on Wednesday, then took off for other states ahead of Super Tuesday.

With contests in about a dozen states, the Senator is spending the next two days traveling before coming back to South Carolina on Friday.

Sanders says he's committed to the Palmetto State and has made strides in trying to close the double-digit gap with Hillary Clinton.

"This state from day one was going to be a very difficult state for us," Sanders said. "We are not writing off South Carolina. You all know on March 1 there are a dozen states that are holding elections. The nature of the world is we got to go out other states, but, we are fighting here in South Carolina as hard as we can."

Sanders' spokesperson says they are not scaling back but pushing ahead to Saturday. They still have 200 paid staffers and 10 field offices across this state.

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