Lawmakers hear proposals from SCDOT on fixing SC roads - - Columbia, South Carolina

Lawmakers hear proposals from SCDOT on fixing SC roads


At the state house, it was day two of testimony from state transportation officials about how to fix South Carolina’s roads.

The secretary of the State Department of Transportation has warned, unless the state starts putting money into repairing roads soon, it will soon end up costing much more to rebuild them. Christy Hall and members of the state infrastructure board testified for a second day during the senate finance committee meeting.

Hall says fixing malfunction junction still remains its largest project and a top priority for the DOT, as it has been since 2007. She broke down several priorities from paving projects, widening bridges and relieving congestion, stretching from interstates to primary and secondary roads.

Hall says a minimum investment of $200 million annually would help stop the decay of current roads and bridges over a 10 year span. Lawmakers say the purpose was to gather information to prepare for the full Senate debate.

"I wanted to make sure that the committee heard from both about what they do, when they do, why they do it, how they do, so that the committee and the full Senate can make an informed decision. That's what this meeting is for,” Senator High Leatherman said.

Secretary Hall says the $200 million would also improve secondary roads that are not eligible for federal money. She also presented similar scenarios with investments of $400 million, $600 million and $800 million dollars a year.

No action was taken during the meeting. As Senator Leatherman said, it was an informational session to prepare for the full debate.

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