What is '50 days to 50 years?"

What is '50 days to 50 years?"

"50 Days to 50 Years"

I am looking forward to a major milestone coming up in my life – turning 50!  My family and friends have asked how I want to celebrate.  My choice won't surprise those who know me.  I want to embrace my 50 years with one of my favorite pursuits – workouts.

I've been blessed with great health and much of that is because of food and fitness choices made along the way.  So, I'm going to honor this birthday with 50 workouts for the 50 days leading to the half-century mark on March 31.  And I'll blog each day's exercise on this website and on my Facebook and Twitter pages – complete with videos and pictures.

Many of you know that running is my favorite passion, but I'm going to highlight a wide variety of activities to show how variable and fun fitness can be.

I hope to inspire you to pursue being fit – no matter your age.  Please know I'm well aware that sometimes it's super tough to get in a workout.  Sometimes, we're just too busy or broken.  Yes, broken.  Shortly after I proposed this "50 Days to 50 Years" idea to my producers, I broke my foot while running.

This means I am going to be in a cast for most of my 50 workout days.  It was suggested that I drop the endeavor.  But I want to still go for this as a way to encourage you to not let any obstacle get in your way.

Plus, it's my birthday gift "To me with love."

If you have a workout you'd like me to do, tweet it to @DawndyWISTV or post it on my Facebook page at Dawndy Mercer Plank WIS TV.  Here's to celebrating life – all fifty years of it.



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