My Take: Remember when political campaigns were about platforms, not rhetoric?

My Take: Remember when political campaigns were about platforms, not rhetoric?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Welcome to South Carolina.

After the crape paper, balloons, and victory parties are cleaned up in New Hampshire, the eyes of the nation – and the political class – turn to our beloved Palmetto State.

We've already had a taste of it in the past few months, but get ready for the full course meal in the next two and a half weeks.

But we have to be honest, we have a bit of a bad taste in our mouths seeing the rhetoric coming from some of these candidates.

Remember when political campaigns were about platforms and not about rhetoric?

Let's think about the word "platform" for a moment. We live in an age where that concept might seem quite foreign to the younger voters.

Millennials, which are now becoming the largest voting bloc in the country, have grown up in an age where soundbite candidacies for political office have reigned supreme instead of learning about the delicate intricacies and differences between the candidates.

Campaigns were once carefully put together and molded around the leadership skills of men and women above their ability to make inflammatory and often unfounded comments. Now, we listen – often times in embarrassment – as well-funded candidates for the nation's most important job work to come up with the most ridiculous policies or campaign ideas in order to receive coverage that the 24-hour news networks have voraciously been willing to give.

Well, we're not going to be part of that here at WIS. In the next few weeks, you will receive in-depth coverage on the presidential campaign that you deserve over the soundbites and hollow comments. It is part of our mission here to be "the standard of excellence in the Midlands" – that also applies to campaign coverage. We will live up to that standard.

Back to South Carolina. With our campaign coverage, we hope to help you make an informed decision for the primaries. The Palmetto State will soon shoulder a tremendous responsibility. As an informed electorate, it's up to you to not only take full advantage of your right, but to also set the tone for the rest of the nation. Don't be blinded by advertisements, silly platitudes, or empty rhetoric. Let's show the nation how it's done.

That's my take, what's yours?

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