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Nutrition consultant: Fermented foods improve digestion, fight bacteria


Gut trouble? 

Lere' Robinson is a nutrition consultant with Alive Again and says fermented foods should be on your menu.

Fermented foods are processed in a way that converts a foods' carbohydrates to alcohol and carbon dioxide or organic acids by using yeast, bacteria or both together. Popular fermented foods include yogurt, tempeh, kefir, miso and kombucha.  They also can include sauerkraut to pickled cucumbers, beets and radishes. 
They're beneficial to your gut health by bettering your digestion. Some health professionals like Lere' say you should make fermented foods a regular part of your diet, but do so slowly and in small portions.  Lere' says the probiotic benefits will fight against disease-causing bacteria.
Lere’ likes this link to get you started in fermenting your own veggies by simply using water and sea salt:
She also likes this resource for buying cultures for kefir, kombucha, water kefir and such: 
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