Clarendon County woman battling rare form of cancer dies

Clarendon County woman battling rare form of cancer dies

CLARENDON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A Clarendon County woman died Thursday in Johnsonville after battling a rare form of cancer.

Kerrie Cribb had a rare form of cervical cancer called small-cell neuroendocrine cancer and spent her days after her diagnosis encouraging all women to go for yearly exams.

"For the sake of Christ, then I am content with weakness," Cribb previously told WIS, adding it's God's promise that keeps her going.

"God has showed me that he's put more strength in me then I can imagine I had," she says with a smile.

Cribb was diagnosed with the rare cancer May 2015.

"I was working as a nurse in the ER, I had a lot of back pain and it was difficult to pinpoint the symptoms I had until I started bleeding and the bleeding got worse," Cribb says.

Since June, she has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments at South Carolina Oncology in Columbia. At one point her condition appeared to be improving.

"It actually shrunk the tumor on my cervix so we were very hopeful. We were planning for my final surgery."

However, at the beginning of the year, that hope was quickly lost.

"A recent scan showed that it spread to my liver and both lungs," Cribb says.

The once energetic athlete and nurse says the past couple of months have been a challenge.

"It's kinda knocked me down," she says.

Cribb was able to go to Texas where she received treatment for the cancer; however, it did not help her recover.

Her friends said Thursday she died peacefully.

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