Town of Lexington begins new year with new 'in sync' traffic lig - - Columbia, South Carolina

Town of Lexington begins new year with new 'in sync' traffic lights


Lexington is kicking off the new year by launching projects designed to cut down on traffic.

The town installed new in sync traffic signals at five intersections close to downtown, including where East Main Street meets Church Street and Lake Drive.

Town officials say the new signals don’t change based on a timer, but rather how many cars are building up at the light. If the number of cars is over the average for a given time, the light will change automatically to reduce the congestion.

Lexington is aiming to have 35 intersections equipped with these lights by the end of next year.

“We have crews out at night installing the cameras," Mayor Steve MacDougall said. "As soon as they get a complete intersection installed, they’ll plug it up. It’ll start working with the five that we have current online and then go from there right on down the line.”

The town is also looking to create one way traffic patterns on Lake Drive and Church Street close to downtown Lexington.

Officials say studies show that should also cut down on the traffic.

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